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Portrait von Thaisingle Waew

Waew, 47 Jahre ›

I graduated Business English and now I'm working as an teacher in Khonkaen province in the north-east of Thailand. I like dogs and I'm a hilarious and funny person. In my free time I like to help my mother working. I'm searching for a nice European man between 37 and 45 years old. I'm searching for a warm love, a man who takes care about the family and who will never leave me. I can speak English, studied at university. My weight is 45 kg and I'm 1,55 m tall.

Portrait von Thaisingle Nok

Nok, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: man for merry and can except man kid and me . I born at Ayuttaya province. Children: 1 boy age 13. Height: 150 cm Weight: 43 kg Work: insurance Languages: thai, little english Hobbies: read book look movie and look Tv at home

Portrait von Thaisingle Ann

Ann, 42 Jahre ›

Kinder: 1 Mädchen 12 lebt bei Mutter Gewicht 60 kg Größe: 155 cm Beruf: work now in factory Sprachen: thai I born in Angtong Province I have two mother because My dad had two wife. My old mom have sister 3 peoples girl two. I am number two . And step mom 3 peoples sister one and brother 2. My kid girl now she study in years. She good study clever and good talk.

Portrait von Thaisingle Wan

Wan, 49 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 57 to 70 Height: 161 cm Weight: 57 kg Children:- Work: personal business Languages: Thai English Hobbies: Hobbies, reading exercise books.

Portrait von Thaisingle Muay

Muay, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man for freind and may be marry if you true heart for me. I have 4 people in family one brother and 3 sisters. I divorced with my husband because he had second wife. I hope to see man who real love for me and give me new life again. Children: Kid age ​24 and 23 all work Height: 150 cm Weight: 49 kg Work: Sale drinking water and I can do work about wood because my dad had work with me when he still alive. I can do table chair from wood. Languages: Thai, I can not speak english Hobbies....

Portrait von Thaisingle Ked

Ked, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 40-65 .I like man from England, Swiss and Germany or France. I don't smoke not drink. I can speak little English but no computer. You can email me you address and phone in this email I will answer you by letter or call you. I am divorced. Children: two sons age 31 and 26 years all work now Height: 163 cm Weight: 55 kg Work: Work in farm garden Languages: Thai Hobbies: Read newspaper and like to make garden

Portrait von Thaisingle Tiew

Tiew, 60 Jahre ›

Looking for: looking man age 60 up. I stay alone for long time near 10 years and hope to see man for the rest life. I not smoke not drink. I hope to see you in Thailand. I can speak English. Children: one daughter Height: 156 Weight: 51 Work: Staff for Spa Languages: Thai English Hobbies: sing a song

Portrait von Thaisingle Nut

Nut, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: man to marry. I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) Thai Lady looking for a man who loves me regardless of my XL size. Children: One girl, age 15 years Height: 165 cm Weight: 92 kg Work: Tour company Languages: Thai, little English

Portrait von Thaisingle Mangpo

Mangpo, 41 Jahre ›

Looking for: Looking for: man for merry, i not smoke not drink . Children: 1 Height: 157 Weight:60 Work:company staff Languages:thai english Hobbies: read book shopping make garden

Portrait von Thaisingle Nok

Nok, 61 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 50 up Children: one son age 26 Height: 160 Weight:58 Work:i work about Nurse before now i work about sale food of my own Languages:thai and little english Hobbies: read book

Portrait von Thaisingle Na

Na, 46 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age any who not care about my weight Children: - Height: 160 Weight:75 Work:at goverment work about document in bangkhuntien Distirct Languages: thai Hobbies: read book listen song and take care my mom and take care home when i am free

Portrait von Thaisingle Bowling

Bowling, 39 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 45-60 years who need warm family and accept me and my kid i was born in 25 feb. i not smoke not drink Children: 2 kids Height: 155 Weight: 39 Work: at home Languages: Thai