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Asiatische Frauen die einen Partner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Mameaw

Mameaw, 36 Jahre ›

Looking for: 38 to 56 year old German man Height: 160 cm Weight: 58 kg Children: No children, divorce status Work: Working as a sales promotion officer The company produces and sells sports clothing and brand Grand Sport brand. Languages: Little English Hobbies: Nature tourism, cooking, watching movies

Portrait von Thaisingle Nuch

Nuch, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: Looking for a good man Love and accept my self can take care of me and my family. And I am ready to be his good wife forever Height: 156 cm Weight: 65 kg Children: Both men aged 32 years, 29 years old, both have work to do. Work:farmer Languages: Thai little English Hobbies:-

Portrait von Thaisingle June

June, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age : 53-75 Years Height: 152 cm Weight: 48 kg Children: Have 1 daughter ( doesn’t live with ) Work:retired teacher Languages: Thai, Good command of English communication Hobbies: Cooking, Yoga, Reading, Travelling

Portrait von Thaisingle Ket

Ket, 29 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 30-45 Years Height: 155 cm Weight: 43 kg Children: - Work: Working as an employee in a shop Languages: Thai Hobbies: -

Portrait von Thaisingle Nick

Nick, 36 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 40-60 years Height: 165 cm Weight: 62 kg Children: 2 Work: Raising children, agriculture Languages: little englis Hobbies: look tv

Portrait von Thaisingle Gift

Gift, 39 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 35 to 60 years Height: 152 cm Weight: 49 kg Children: 1 Work: Work under the government Languages: Thai English Hobbies: Exercise, watch movies, travel

Portrait von Thaisingle Ae

Ae, 37 Jahre ›

Partnerwunsch: I am looking for a man between 35-42 years who loves me and would like to have a nice Family together. I expect the partner who have never married and no children. Meine Daten Größe: 154 cm. Gewicht: 47 Kg. Beruf: Employeee Sprachen: Thai, English Kinder: No Hobbys: Cooking, Listening Music and read Books.

Portrait von Thaisingle Bu

Bu, 31 Jahre ›

Looking for: German man age 35 to 45 years Height: 156 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: 1 son Work: Empoyee Languages: Thai Hobbies: sale product on line

Portrait von Thaisingle Ni

Ni, 33 Jahre ›

Looking for: German man free style Height: 168 cm Weight: 68 kg Children: - Work: Sales Manager Languages: Thai English Hobbies: Like traveling, reading, crafts, badminton

Portrait von Thaisingle Peaw

Peaw, 45 Jahre ›

Looking for: German man free style age 50 to 65 years Height: 152 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: - Work: Salon Languages: Thai English Hobbies: Like hiking, waterfalls, watching movies

Portrait von Thaisingle Miw

Miw, 26 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 30 to 39 years Height: 165 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 2 Work: Company Languages: Thai, Little English and japan. Hobbies: Read book, cook

Portrait von Thaisingle An

An, 42 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 50 to 70 years Height: 170 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: 1 Work: trade Languages: Thai, English Hobbies: Planting morning glory in the jar selling vegetables singing