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Portrait von Thaisingle Cat

Cat, 24 Jahre ›

Hello, My name is Amornjaree Kongpon, or you can call me Cat. Im 24 years old. I live in Chonburi, Thailand. I live with my parents. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am the 3rd child. I am single and I have never been married. My older (Half) - sister found her German husband with almost 14 years back (yes, she is much older than me), and they are still happy, so I want to try it now, too! ;-) I am a chubby girl hehehe. I am 158 cm tall and my weight is 69kg. The Chest 40 | Waist 34 | Hip ..

Portrait von Thaisingle Meaw

Meaw, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 60 to 74 years Height: 160 cm Weight: 56 kg Children: - Work: company Languages: Thai English Hobbies: Nature trip

Portrait von Thaisingle J

J, 43 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 45 to 60 years Height: 158 cm Weight: 55 kg Children: 1 son Work: Salon Languages: Thai English Hobbies: gym, swim

Portrait von Thaisingle Kab

Kab, 48 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 40 to 60 years Height: 155 cm Weight: 64 kg Children: 3 Work: Salon Languages: thai English Hobbies: Look movie and listen song

Portrait von Thaisingle Pat

Pat, 33 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 40 to 50 years Height: 170 cm Weight: 57 kg Children: - Work: Company Languages: Thai, English Hobbies: Watching Korean kpop concerts

Portrait von Thaisingle Keawta

Keawta, 40 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 38-50 years Height: 153 cm Weight: 48 kg Children: 1 Work: staff Company Languages: Thai, A little English basic Hobbies: reading, listening to music

Portrait von Thaisingle Mew

Mew, 26 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 30-70 years Height: 165 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 1 Work: Merchant Languages: Thai, English Hobbies: Like to sale on line and take care kid

Portrait von Thaisingle Nong

Nong, 45 Jahre ›

Partnerwunsch:Suche einen lieben Mann nur aus Solingen bis 60 Jahre. Meine Daten Größe:1,56 m Gewicht:66 kg Sternzeichen: Beruf:Massage Sprachen:Thai,Englisch Kinder:2 Hobbys:Spazieren,Lesen

Portrait von Thaisingle Bird

Bird, 40 Jahre ›

Looking for: 40 up Height: 155cm Weight: 65 kg Children: 1 Work: Thai massage Languages: little english Hobbies: Clean room

Portrait von Thaisingle Bel

Bel, 39 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 45-55 years Height: 159 cm Weight: 53 kg Children: 2 all teen age Work: Just returned from abroad Languages: Can speak Mandarin Hobbies: Child care, hobby

Portrait von Thaisingle Jiew

Jiew, 42 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 40 to 60 years Height: 155 cm Weight: 45 kg Children: 1 Work: Company Languages: little English Hobbies: Like a prayer book

Portrait von Thaisingle Som

Som, 42 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 50 years up Height: 155 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 2 Work: I work for Caddy Golf Course Languages: Little English Hobbies: Like listening to music and planting trees