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Asiatische Frauen die einen Partner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Nok

Nok, 49 Jahre ›

Looking for: 60 up Height: 160 cm Weight: 67 kg Children: 1 daughter, 22 years old, graduated from university Work: Private business career Languages: A little English, both read and write Hobbies: look tv

Portrait von Thaisingle Prim

Prim, 54 Jahre ›

Height: 165 cm Weight: 55 kg Children: No child (single) Work: Work (farming)   Languages: Speak, read, write English   Hobbies: Planting vegetable garden

Portrait von Thaisingle Peach

Peach, 36 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man 42-63 years old, taller than 165 cm Height: 157 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 2 daughters aged 15 years and 13 years old are in high school in Mon size, both of them Work: Company employees, factory, bread factory Languages: A bit of English Both read and write Hobbies: read book, listen song

Portrait von Thaisingle Mai

Mai, 49 Jahre ›

Looking for: 53-58 Height: 160 cm Weight: 52 kg Children: 1 daughter, age 19 Work: Beautician work Languages: Can speak a little english, both speaking and writing Hobbie : Like to plant trees, play sports

Portrait von Thaisingle Aor

Aor, 46 Jahre ›

Looking for: 48-60 Height: 163 cm Weight: 68 kg Children: 1 daughter, 27 years old And 1 son, 23 years old Graduated from university Work: Thai massage professional career Languages: Can have a little English, both written and read Hobbie : cook. read book

Portrait von Thaisingle Pook

Pook, 53 Jahre ›

Looking for: 55-70 Height: 160 cm Weight: 80 kg Children: Have 2 children, 24 year old son, graduated from university, daughter 22 years old, graduated this year Work: Massage and cashier careers Languages: Can speak a little English. Hobbies: cooking Thai food.

Portrait von Thaisingle Ead

Ead, 42 Jahre ›

Looking for: age 20-70 Height: 153 cm Weight: 44 kg Children: 3 Work: I work for civil service. Languages: speak Thai and English. Hobbies: read book Ralax at home

Portrait von Thaisingle Vad

Vad, 48 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 50-65 Height: 154 cm Weight: 53 kg Children: Have 2 children Work: famer Languages: Can speak English Hobbies: Cook

Portrait von Thaisingle Vad

Vad, 52 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 50-80 Height: 155 cm Weight: 62 kg Children: Have 2 children Work: Working as a housekeeper conda Languages: Can speak English Hobbies: Cooking, Playing sports, Listening to music,

Portrait von Thaisingle Ploy

Ploy, 45 Jahre ›

Looking for: man 50-68 Height: 156 cm Weight: 49 kg Children: 2 Work: Unable walk to take care of patients Languages: English conversation is OK Hobbies: like watching movies, strolling

Portrait von Thaisingle Daow

Daow, 52 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 52-65 Height: 165 cm Weight: 64 kg Children: 3 children, everyone work: Work as a housekepper Stay at the resort Languages: Moderate English Both read-write Hobbies: Cooking, swimming Beach, singing

Portrait von Thaisingle Si

Si, 38 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 45-65 Height: 148 cm Weight: 52 kg Children: one son age 16 years Work: Contracting for regular house cleaning Languages: little english Hobbies: Plan tree