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Portrait von Thaisingle Soi

Soi, 37 Jahre

Looking for: i look man age not over 55 years Height: 167 cm Weight: 57kg Children: no kid Work: Helper dentist doctor and JP coordinator Languages: Thai and little english japan Hobbies: i like to cook and clean the room and run some time

Portrait von Thaisingle Rat

Rat, 54 Jahre

Looking for: good man who not care my englishnot well i not smoke not drink . Height: 160 cm Weight: 53 kg Children: two son all teen age Work:Thai food shop Languages: Thai little english Hobbies: run and read book

Portrait von Thaisingle Jung

Jung, 53 Jahre

Looking for: i look for man age 53 up Height: 165 cm Weight:53 kg Children: one son age 35 he merried Work: take care and sale land Languages: thai german Hobbies: read book go to temple ID LINE: Jungjing1963

Portrait von Thaisingle Ooy

Ooy, 35 Jahre

Looking for: i look for man age 45-55 Height: 150cm Weight: 46 kg Children: one girl 3 years stay with my mom in Nontaburi Work: Thai massage spa in Kabi Languages: Thai English Hobbies: read book

Portrait von Thaisingle Rin

Rin, 56 Jahre

Looking for: i like man age 50-70 i look for man who like to stay Thailand with me only and not smoke but can drink for some time Height: 150cm Weight: 47 kg Children: my son age 35 my daughter age 31 Work: do garment at home Languages: Thai english Hobbies: walk and swim

Portrait von Thaisingle Keng

Keng, 43 Jahre

Looking for: the good man who like thailand and want to stay thailand with me some time Height: 155 cm Weight: 80 kg Children: - Work: company and sale product in internet Market Languages: Thai little english Hobbies: use internet

Portrait von Thaisingle Nok

Nok, 54 Jahre

Looking for: man age 55 years who can stay thailand and live with me in thailand Height: 156 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 3 kids age 32-29-26 Work: ฺBakery Languages: Thai but i not good english Hobbies: read book take care my old mom

Portrait von Thaisingle Mam

Mam, 39 Jahre

Looking for: i look for man age 45-60 Height: 150 cm Weight: 59 kg Children: girl age 15 Work: Nurse in Goverment hospital i can take care my man for good health Languages: Thai English Hobbies: cook ,listen song and travel some time

Portrait von Thaisingle Jai

Jai, 55 Jahre

Looking for: i like man age 55 - 70 years Height:162cm Weight:52 kg Children: two kid now age32 and 30 Work: i work thai massage shop for 12 years Languages: thai only little english Hobbies: i like to go temple and make merit

Portrait von Thaisingle Down

Down, 45 Jahre

Looking for: good man who can come Thailand see me Height: 157 cm Weight 43 kg Children: 2kids Work: Own busniess Languages: thai Hobbies: read book

Portrait von Thaisingle Beau

Beau, 41 Jahre

Looking for man any age who like to have new family and want to do everything together with me and like childrens. Height: 167cm Weight: 63kg Children: 3 kids son age 20 15-13 years stay with me 2 sons. Work: make bakery for selling. Languages: thai english Hobbies: sale food at home and sale with mom and like to cook.

Portrait von Thaisingle New

New, 34 Jahre

Looking for: man age 29-60 if he can little speak and know Thai i will happy Height: 160 cm Weight: 68 kg Children: 1 Work: Manager in Bank Languages: Thai english Hobbies: read book