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Asiatische Frauen die einen Lebenspartner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Nong

Nong, 46 Jahre ›

Desired partner : a man aged 50-60 About me : I am a serious person, funny, love family. Looking for a good man but I don't want to move, can travel sometimes. Work : Eyelash extensions beautician. Hobbies : Reading books, Travelling. Height: 160 cm Weight: 53 kg Children: 1 children Languages: Thai, Little English.

Portrait von Thaisingle Sorn

Sorn, 44 Jahre ›

My future partner: a man aged 50 and over, kind, sincere, not flirtatious. About me: I do not drink alcohol, do not smoke. Height: 153 cm Weight: 62 kg Children: 1 daughter. Work: Hotel Staff. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Watching movies.

Portrait von Thaisingle Kai

Kai, 56 Jahre ›

My future partner: a good man aged 45 and over. About me: I am a simple and straightforward person. Height: 155 cm Weight: 61 kg Children: 1 person Work: Sewing and Thai massage. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: travel on the beach.

Portrait von Thaisingle Ann

Ann, 48 Jahre ›

Desired partner : a man aged 45-65 About me : I am good talking habits, easy to eat, likes to testing delicious food, likes to joke, but is often a mentor to friends. Height: 150 cm Weight: 45 kg Children: - Work : Thai massage (went out of work to take care of my mother so I learned massage) Languages: Little English Hobbies: Hobby, planting trees and going to the sea

Portrait von Thaisingle Tuk

Tuk, 50 Jahre ›

Desired partner : a man aged 50 and over, who are sincere and want to create a family together. About me : I am a cheerful person, easy to smile, sincere and love family. Meine Daten Größe: 160 Gewicht: 57 Sternzeichen:Jungfrau Work: Employed for general work that is not a regular job. Sprachen: Thai, etwas Englisch Kinder: 2 Hobbies: likes to cook with family and Travel.

Portrait von Thaisingle Im

Im, 36 Jahre ›

Looking for:MAN AGE 35 TO 45 YEARS SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP I am cheerful but shy person. Height: 156 cm Weight: 60 kg Children:- Work:Medical sale representative. Languages :English Hobbies:watch Netflix and listen to music.

Portrait von Thaisingle Phoo

Phoo, 50 Jahre ›

Desired partner :a man aged 45-65 About me: I am good-hearted, cheerful, honest, easy to get along with self-assured, straight, patient, responsible. Height: 164 cm Weight: 49 kg Children: no children Languages: Thai, English. Work : Self-employed Hobbies : Exercising, cooking, watching TV, listen to music, traveling.

Portrait von Thaisingle Noy

Noy, 48 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: Nice guy, 55-60 years old for marriage Über mich: Größe: 160 cm Gewicht: 50 kg Sternzeichen: Beruf: Personal business Sprachen: Thai and English Kinder: 1 Son, 14 years old Hobbys: Traveling, Watching films, Listening to music

Portrait von Thaisingle Joy

Joy, 30 Jahre ›

My future partner: A kind man, sincere, loves family, aged between 30-55. About me: I am cheerful, sincere, take good care of myself and love health. Height: 160 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 1 daughter. Work: Hotel staff. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Exercise.

Portrait von Thaisingle Joy

Joy, 46 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: Nice guy who is gentlemen, aged 50-55 years old, for marriage Über mich: I am sincere , honest, no smoking and funny. Größe: 167 cm Gewicht: 77 kg Sternzeichen: Beruf: Teacher (Government Officer) Sprachen: Thai, NO English (Friend can help) Kinder: no children Hobbys: traveling , listening music and exercise

Portrait von Thaisingle Jin

Jin, 41 Jahre ›

Desired partner : a good man aged 45-55. About me : I am a cheerful person, friendly, honest, sociable, get angry easily but does not get angry for long. Height: 157 cm Weight: 59 kg Children: one girl Work: Company employees. Languages: Thai, English Hobbies : cycling, likes to see mountains, waterfalls and fishing.

Portrait von Thaisingle Aoi

Aoi, 39 Jahre ›

Desired partner: A good man aged 35-55, being good person, sincere. And wants to get married. Hallo, Sawaddee ka. I am Aoi from Thailand I am 39 years old. My home town is in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, but I have lived in Bangkok for 8 years because I work there. I am looking for a serious relationship and a person who is kind to me. I am always cheerful and optimistic. I always exercise regularly and I also like to cook and sweets but whether it is delicious or not, you have to come and taste it. I ..