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Asiatische Frauen die einen Lebenspartner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Chan

Chan, 42 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: Liebevoller Mann ab 45 Jahre Über mich: Größe: 162 cm Gewicht: 54 kg Beruf: Therapistin Orthopädie Sprachen: Thai,Englisch Kinder: Nein Hobbys: Kochen,Garten,

Portrait von Thaisingle Nun

Nun, 38 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: Netter deutscher Mann 40 bis 50 Jahre alt. Über mich: Vor 26 Jahren lebte ich 3 Jahre bei meiner Mutter in Deutschland, als ich 9 Jahre alt war. Darum sucher ich einen Mann aus Deutschland. Größe: 160 cm Gewicht: 60 kg Beruf: Kellnerin Sprachen: Thailändische Kinde: 1 Hobbys: Filme schauen, Musik hören, Spiele spielen

Portrait von Thaisingle Da

Da, 56 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a good man aged 55-70 About me: I am a cheerful, generous, optimistic person and I don't like to look down on others. Height: 152 cm Weight: 58 kg Children: 2 daughter. Work: Owner of business. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: I like to cook and staying at home. I like to travel, nature and ancient sites and love the sea.

Portrait von Thaisingle Pisey

Pisey, 25 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: aufrichtig und ehrlich. An fester Bindung interessiert und wohnhaft in Deutschland. Bitte in Englisch antworten. Alter: 30 - 40 Jahre. Über mich: Ich komme aus dem Norden von Kambodscha. Drei meiner Tanten sind in Deustchland verheiratet. Größe:1,60 Gewicht:50 Sternzeichen: Beruf:Assistenzlehrerin Sprachen: Englisch, Khmer Kinder:nein Hobbys:Kochen, Sport, Garten

Portrait von Thaisingle Malee

Malee, 44 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a good man aged 35-60, kind, sincere, not flirt About me: I m sincere, honest. I cannot relocate because for fear of planes. Height: 157 cm Weight: 62 kg Children: 3 Work: Teacher Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: sing a song and listen to music.

Portrait von Thaisingle Tan

Tan, 47 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 40-70 About me: I am kind, cheerful, love animals, love plants, love nature, warm, gentle, romantic. Height: 165 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 3 Work: Merchant Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: listen to the music, plant tree.

Portrait von Thaisingle Da

Da, 45 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 48-60 years old and I like polite and reasonable person. Do not smoke, a heavy drinker, or a person who likes to go out at night a lot. About me: I like to exercise a little, cook a little, and I like nature, mountain, waterfalls, and sea. I do not like all kinds of pets, and I drink alcohol a little bit. Height: 160 cm Weight: 48 kg Children: 2 children Work: A hairdresser. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: Exercise, cooking, travel.

Portrait von Thaisingle Ae

Ae, 41 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 45 to 60. About me: I am a cheerful, sincere. Height: 155 cm. Weight: 53 kg. Children: 1 child. Work: Beauty Spa. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Travel at beautiful places, go to temples to make merit.

Portrait von Thaisingle Kai

Kai, 48 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 46-70 About me: Being alone is very lonely due to the death of the parents, and my sister got married, separate from my family. So I want to look for someone who is serious and takes a good relationship and moves abroad because there is no burden to worry about. Height: 151 cm Weight: 52 kg Children: No Work: Teachers Languages: Thai, English Hobbies: plant trees, enjoy with dogs and cats

Portrait von Thaisingle Cherry

Cherry, 44 Jahre ›

Desired partner : a man aged 44 and over, who sincerely want to create a family. About me : I m cheerful, good-mood, friendly, kind, sincere. I want to live with you in Thailand.. Height: 158 cm Weight: 49 kg Children: no kid never merry Work: sale department Languages: thai little english Hobbies, watch movie, listen to music, travelling.

Portrait von Thaisingle Jaae

Jaae, 38 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 35-60 About me : I looking for a serious relationship who ready to build new warm family and beings together forever. Who is sincere, kindness, respect, genuine man if you are not really interested me just come with say Hello and gone. :lease no need to text me. Hate the person who play games, psycho and scammers please go away. Height: 164 cm Weight: 57 kg Children: 1 female, 14 years old. Work: Unemployed, just lost work before the new year 2022. Languages: Thai, English..

Portrait von Thaisingle Monn

Monn, 55 Jahre ›

Looking for: a man aged 50-65 years old Height: 160 cm Weight: 53 kg Children: 2 Work: Business owner. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: like traveling, Exercise.