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Asiatische Frauen die einen Lebenspartner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Lai

Lai, 56 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a good man aged 60-70 About me: My personality, cheerful, warm, likes to take care of friends, optimistic, easygoing, likes to exercise, dont drink, dont smoke, dont go out at night, dont gamble I like nature. Height: 160 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 2 Work: Merchant. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: Exercise, aerobics, cooking, gardening, picnics and drive in the nature.

Portrait von Thaisingle On

On, 46 Jahre ›

Looking for: I am simple person, does not spend extravagance, good-humored, likes to laugh, smile, talk good, fun, friendly, everyone is kind-hearted, sympathetic and likes to help others as possible Responsible And serious about work Divorced with husband. 5 years with 2 children. I am already looking for a long-term serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Want to have a warm family. Like warm-hearted men, love the kitchen, not alcoholic, smoking, gambling Be reasonable and not angry between 50-70....

Portrait von Thaisingle Dada

Dada, 36 Jahre ›

Looking for: Germany man aged 50+ Height: 157 cm Weight: 57 kg Children: 3 Work: Thai Massage Languages: little English Hobbies: Cooking, listen Radio.

Portrait von Thaisingle Muay

Muay, 37 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: Über mich:I am 37years old Größe:160 cm Gewicht:60 Sternzeichen: Beruf:Selling food Sprachen:Thai, little knowledge of english Kinder:son aged 2 years Hobbys:cooking, planting trees

Portrait von Thaisingle Nadear

Nadear, 23 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 35-60, be polite, kind, sincere, does not flirt, does not lie. About me: Sociable, funny, hilarious but sometimes likes to think quietly alone. Height: 158 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: 1 Work: Merchant Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Watch Movie, listen to music.

Portrait von Thaisingle Pooklook

Pooklook, 42 Jahre ›

Desired partner: Aged 45 up. Be a good person, honest, kind, sincere, not flirt, stable in financial work. About me: Friendly, optimistic, need personal space because I have one child 7 years old need to take care and I have work that need lots of time to respond. Height: 158 cm Weight: 54 kg Children: 1 son Work: Sales Manager. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Shopping, Cafe hopping and travelling.

Portrait von Thaisingle Nammon

Nammon, 30 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: 30-45​ Über mich: Größe: 167 Gewicht: 58 Beruf: Angestellte​ Sprachen: thai Kinder: 0 Hobbys: Sport, joggen​

Portrait von Thaisingle Nok

Nok, 32 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 30-50. About me: My character, friendly, serious, clear and like having fun. I looking for suitable person who is ready to take care of me. I want to move from Thailand. Height: 158 cm Weight: 49 kg Children: No, never marry. Work: Company employee Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Traveling in nature, listening to music, cooking.

Portrait von Thaisingle Kob

Kob, 54 Jahre ›

Partnerwunsch: Looking man 55_65. Looking serious love, sincere and true for married Meine Daten Größe: 168 Cm Gewicht: 55 Kg. Sternzeichen: Fische Beruf: Personalwesen Sprachen: English Kinder: kein Kinder Hobbys: Working House, listen music, looking television, visit temple

Portrait von Thaisingle Jom Jam

Jom Jam, 27 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: netter freundlicher und humorvoller berufstätiger Mann zwischen ab 30 Jahren. wenig Alkohol, finanziell unabhängig in der Nähe Bodensee Deutschland Österreich Schweiz Meine Tante in Deutschland hilft bei der Übersetzung Über mich: Ich bin freundlich humorvoll und liebe Kinder. Ich wäre auch offen für Männer die schon Kinder haben. Größe: 1,65 Gewicht: 65 Sternzeichen: Widder Beruf: Erzieherin Sprachen: Thai Englisch Kinder: keine Hobbys: Kochen, Fahrrad fahren,

Portrait von Thaisingle Bumbim

Bumbim, 33 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 35-55 About me: I am a simple, likes nature, easygoing, open-minded, optimistic, generous, kind, sincere, honest, self-confident, warm compassion, takes care of my family, likes to cook. Height: 164 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 1 Work: Branch Manager, Private Company Languages: Thai, English Hobbies: Travel in nature, camping, cooking, gardening.

Portrait von Thaisingle Dia

Dia, 51 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 45-60 years old About me: I like to cooking, travel, Not smoking and drink alcohol, not gamble. Height: 160 cm Weight: 66 kg Children: Work: Housewife raising the grandchildren Languages: Thai, English, Dutch. Hobbies: Exercise