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Asiatische Frauen die einen Lebenspartner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Na

Na, 41 Jahre ›

Looking for: nice and kind man 40-55 years Height: 149 cm Weight: 48 kg Children: 1 son age 16 years Work: Work in a factory (producing electronic parts) Languages: little english Hobbies: Watching TV, listening to music

Portrait von Thaisingle Aom

Aom, 33 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 45-65 years old. About me: Hello, my name is Aom. I smile easily and am a very easygoing person, honest. Honest in love and looking for true love that is good, caring for each other and sincere. Height: 165 cm Weight: 85 kg Children: No. Work: Teacher at private school. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: reading, listening to music, watch movies and cooking. I like to make merit a lot.

Portrait von Thaisingle Noi

Noi, 29 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 30-48 are sincere and kind. About me: I am sincere, straight, not sweet, funny, cheerful. Height: 157 cm Weight: 68 kg Children: 1 son Work: Merchant. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: cooking.

Portrait von Thaisingle Orn

Orn, 48 Jahre ›

Looking for: good man age 50-60 Height: 158 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: - Work: company about Graphic Languages: Thai english Hobbies: listen song

Portrait von Thaisingle Rinda

Rinda, 46 Jahre ›

Desired partner: Looking for a man aged 50-65 years old. About me: Hello, call me Rinda. I'm a good interpersonal person, easy to get along with others people drink sometimes, don't smoke, don't gamble, be honest. Not a womanizer and love nature. Height: 160 cm Weight: 54 kg Children: 3 children. Work: Hotel Reservation department at Pratumnak Hill. Languages: Thai, Good English. Hobbies: swimming.

Portrait von Thaisingle Nong

Nong, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 50-60 Height: 150 cm Weight: 45 kg Children: Have 2 children, twin men and women aged 8 years Work: Working as a life insurance sales agent Languages: Speaking Thai as a native speaker And speaking-reading-writing in English. Hobbies: like cooking, fortune telling, gypsy cards, planting trees, like to travel, like to pray to the temple, make merit

Portrait von Thaisingle Nid

Nid, 54 Jahre ›

Partnerwunsch: 50-60 Meine Daten Größe: 160 cm Gewicht: 68 kg Beruf: Küchenassistentin Sprachen: Thai und Deusch Kinder: 1 Hobbys: Musik hören und Natur

Portrait von Thaisingle Vee

Vee, 46 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 45 to 55 years Height: 158 cm Weight: 45 kg Children:1 girl Work:Own busniess Languages:Thai and English Hobbies:look movie and look internet

Portrait von Thaisingle Thanya

Thanya, 47 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 48-60 years Height: 155 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: 23 year old daughter, graduated from university, 16 year old son Two high school students who have been caring for their ex-husbands for 6 years. . Work: General employment Languages: A little English, both read and write Hobbies: Like nature, plants, flowers, listen to music and Like to treat

Portrait von Thaisingle Jang

Jang, 57 Jahre ›

Looking for: a man aged 60-80 Height: 157 cm Weight: 64 kg Children: 2 Work: Caring for the elderly and patients, Thai massage Languages: Thai, little English Hobbies:Planting vegetables, gardening, Cooking. Thinking positively, optimistic like making merit.

Portrait von Thaisingle Hoy

Hoy, 52 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 59-70 Height: 150 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: daughters studying at university, year 1 Work: Agriculture and farming workers Languages: A little English, both read and write Hobbies: Plant trees

Portrait von Thaisingle Giw

Giw, 38 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 40-75 About me: I like peace, nature. My habit is good mood and cheerful. Height: 156 cm Weight: 48 kg Children: Three sons, the first is 17 years old, the second is 7 years old, and the last is 5 years old. Work: Farmer. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: cycling, swimming and walking in the forest.