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Asiatische Frauen die einen Lebenspartner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Pim

Pim, 50 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 49-65 Height: 165 cm Weight: 56 kg Children: Have 3 sons Person 1 is 26 years old, works at the Revenue Department Number 2, 21, is working at a furniture store. The 3rd person is 18 years old. Worked as well as studied (Diploma level) Work: The caddy is at the golf course Languages: little english read and write Hobbies: Exercise, grow flowers, grow vegetables

Portrait von Thaisingle Phüng

Phüng, 31 Jahre ›

Wunschpartner: 40-60 Jahre, schlank, sportlich, ehrlich und zuverlässig Über mich: Größe: 164 cm Gewicht: 53 kg Sternzeichen: Jungfrau Beruf: Buchhaltung -Personalverwaltung Sprachen: etwas Englisch Kinder: 1 Sohn, 7 Jahre Hobbys: Volleyball, Wandern, Fahrrad fahren

Portrait von Thaisingle Cherry

Cherry, 27 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 30 and over About me: I am a kind person, easy to smile, love children, get along easily with others. I likes learning and discovering new experiences. Height: 159 cm Weight: 46 kg Children: No Work: Nanny Languages: Thai, English Hobbies: learn foreign languages.

Portrait von Thaisingle Ning

Ning, 34 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 35-50 years, warm, sincere, caring, love his family, a man who is ready to be by our side in times of happiness and sorrow. Love to travel and exercise. About me: I am a sincere person, honest, like to take care of, easy to adapt, love family, like to travel and exercise. I feel enjoy life every day. Height: 159 cm Weight: 48 kg Children: No, never marry Work: Government hospital, Anesthesiologist Nurse. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Travel the beach, mountains, coffee..

Portrait von Thaisingle Aui

Aui, 46 Jahre ›

Looking for: nice man age 50-60 Height: 155 cm Weight: 56 kg Children: one son Work: The owner of a pork pan shop Languages: only has Thai language. Hobbies: I like to exercise.

Portrait von Thaisingle Gat

Gat, 42 Jahre ›

Looking for: Partner 40-60 years Look for men who love family, not flirting, warm, not lying, deceitful, generous. , Clean, with us, important to love our family and can help our family. Height: 156 cm Weight: 46 kg Children: no Work: company Languages: Thai English Hobbies: listen song, look movie

Portrait von Thaisingle Ood

Ood, 62 Jahre ›

Looking for: gentle man age 55-75 years Height: 153 cm Weight: 64 kg Children: 1 Work: Are retired civil servants receiving pensions Languages: little english Hobbies: Learning crafts

Portrait von Thaisingle Nok

Nok, 53 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 55 and over. About me: I am a cheerful, positive and well-mannered person. Height: 160 cm Weight: 47 kg Children: 2 Work: Open a grocery store at home. Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: Knitting, crochet.

Portrait von Thaisingle Pat

Pat, 64 Jahre ›

Looking for: Look man age 55 to 70 Height: 149 cm Weight: 52 kg Children: 3 Work: sale tea shop Languages: Thai English Hobbies: do garden

Portrait von Thaisingle Doaw

Doaw, 40 Jahre ›

Looking for: Looking for men aged 39 - 45 years Height: 161 cm Weight: 58 kg Children: Has 1 daughter, 13 years old Work: Goverment job Languages: Thai English Hobbies: Travel, watching movies, making snacks

Portrait von Thaisingle Jum

Jum, 49 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 50-60 Height: 155 cm Weight: 60 kg Children: - Work: salon Languages: thai Hobbies: read book make flower garden

Portrait von Thaisingle Ngek

Ngek, 51 Jahre ›

Looking for: looking for a German man who is honest, honest, does not lie to honor, aged 50 to 65 years Height: 150 cm Weight: 50 kg Children: 2 Work: Sale food at home Languages: English Hobbies: Plant a tree, tourist