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Asiatische Frauen die einen Lebenspartner in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz suchen.

Portrait von Thaisingle Sara

Sara, 36 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 28-45 About me: easy to eat, easy to live without a brand name, has income, stays at home, no burden (parents, siblings, can support themselves) goes to study in the United States with Thai government scholarship for master degree. Height: 160 cm Weight: 65 kg Children: No, never marry. Work: C8 civil servant, In the next 2 years will be promoted to C9 Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Walking trail, picnic, cooking, make dessert, travel to the beach.

Portrait von Thaisingle Oom

Oom, 37 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 45 years and over. About me: I am a cheerful and fun person who likes to laugh. Height: 150 cm Weight: 44 kg Children: No. Work: Vocational College employee. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: listen to music, exercising.

Portrait von Thaisingle Da

Da, 52 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man age 40 to 50 year Height: 155 cm Weight: 49 kg Children: 1 Work: House Kepper Languages: not good English Hobbies: Look Movie ,listen song

Portrait von Thaisingle Tookta

Tookta, 36 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 28-60 About me: I am a funny person, smiles easily, looks at the world in an optimistic way. I dont like being seen when I am sad. Be a consultant to everyone, likes to help listen to problems, sincere, honest, adaptable, comfortable, loves family, loves work, loves romance, loves pets, has cats. Height: 152 cm Weight: 69 kg Children: do not have Work: Nurse Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Singing, cooking, going to the beach, taking pictures, listening to music, watch..

Portrait von Thaisingle Kratae

Kratae, 39 Jahre ›

Desired partner: A good man aged 45-65 About me: I am kindness, sincere, easy-going. Height: 160 cm Weight: 46 kg Children: 2 Work: Merchant Languages: Thai, little English. Hobbies: Plant trees and flowers.

Portrait von Thaisingle Noi

Noi, 52 Jahre ›

Looking for: Ich möchte einen einzelnen Mann treffen, geschieden, verwitwet, im Alter von 53-67 Jahren, ich bin kein Make-up-Mensch, ich mag das natürliche Leben, ich bin ruhig. Ich möchte Männer treffen. Sanft, aufrichtig und romantisch Height: 160 cm Weight: 64 kg Children: 2 kid ,The daughter is 26, has a bachelors degree, and the son is 25, and has a family. Work: Thai massage Languages: Thai ,English little Hobbies: Natural travel, cooking, exercise

Portrait von Thaisingle On

On, 42 Jahre ›

Looking for: man age 40-80 Height: 155 cm Weight: 45 kg Children: 1 Work: Thai dance teacher Languages: little english Hobbies: shopping

Portrait von Thaisingle Nidnoi

Nidnoi, 37 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 40-60 About me: I am a cheerful, good at smiling, likes to listen, speaks little, sincere. Height: 160 cm Weight: 69 kg Children: 2 Work: Employee of government. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Exercise, run.

Portrait von Thaisingle Tong

Tong, 54 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a good man aged 60-70, being sincere, warm, selfless, love family, honest, does not flirt, does not smoke, drinks on occasion. About me: I am a good mood, optimistic, likes to help society, not fussy, down to earth, simple, loves family, loves nature, takes care of others, likes to do homework, exercise, warm, sincere, honest. Height: 158 cm Weight: 55 kg Children: 1 Work: Merchant. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: exercise, cooking, travel in the nature

Portrait von Thaisingle Eid

Eid, 46 Jahre ›

Looking for: Man 35-60 years Height: 162 cm Weight: 65 kg Children: 2 sons, 18 years old and 14 grown up in the first year of university. Small one, M.2 Work: a private company Languages: A little English, both read and write Hobbies: Plant trees

Portrait von Thaisingle Pink

Pink, 47 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 50-65 About me: I am cheerful, optimistic, accepts new thing easily, likes to help others like to take care of others, likes to see other people having fun. Height: 165 cm Weight: 47 kg Children: Not have Work: Owner of a restaurant and coffee shop. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: I like to go to massages and spas, shopping and like to travel.

Portrait von Thaisingle Owh

Owh, 42 Jahre ›

Desired partner: a man aged 40-55 About me: I am a cheerful, good-humored, easily angered but heals quickly, straightforward. I want to meet people who are kind, sincere, ready to hold hands, love family and live with me in Thailand. Height: 157 cm Weight: 62 kg Children: 2 Work: owner a restuarant. Languages: Thai, English. Hobbies: Cooking and travel in the nature.